Thursday, August 20, 2009

Viral Marketing CPA Innovation

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

High Conversion Cost Per Action

Here is the most aggressive high converting CPA site
with the lowest cost of entry.


These guys even send you the cheapest high converting keywords so you
can purchase adwords without breaking your budget.

Here is a sample of search words most likely clicked by potential
consumers of cost per action replication sites.


Friday, August 07, 2009

Wordpress Free Google Traffic

Not only is it close to selling out, but the current
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Not only did half of all sites rank, but a whopping 29% of 30DC
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That's why!!

If you've already seen the 'Grass Skirt Interview' video of
Frank Kern with WordPressDirect creator Marty Rozmanith

you already know how cool this is.

If you haven't, check it out here:


WordPressDirect is the easiest way I have found to setup
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Within just a few days, complete novices participating in this
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Marty made another video to reveal the results in more
depth. Check out that video here:


WordPressDirect is the easiest way I have found to setup
niche blogs to get FREE Google traffic.

Within just a few days, complete novices participating in this
years Thirty Day Challenge who'd never done a thing online
in their lives were ranking PAGE 1 in Google for their
keyword phrases.

But unless you sign up TODAY, you will lose out on the
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Until TOMORROW only, you can prepay 6 months and get Silver
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Marty made another video to reveal the results in more
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These Google results are awesome and repeatable...anyone
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Speak soon,

Bill Whetstone

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TVisio Goes Buzzirk

TVisio Predicts DIY-Economic-Stimulus for 2010:
New Business Startup Launches Cutting Edge Cellular/Wireless Technology Quantum Leap...

I'm Bill Whetstone creator of TVisio. Thanks for making TVisio The #1 Google Ranked Page for DIY Economic Stimulus. Through the years, I've reviewed countless Trends and Predictions...but the short 4 minute Video below opened my eyes to an amazing list of innovations and an invitation to get in on the pre-launch of the fastest growing business model on the internet.

Cutting Edge Technology Pre-Launches Game Changing Momentum.

I have not been this excited in years. I truly believe this is a legitimate DIY Economic Stimulus for financial independence and personal freedom using new T-3 Equivalent Technology.

Please take time to Seriously consider how this could be what you've been seeking. You’ve heard all the cliches about once in a lifetime opportunities...but trust me. This is Not a get rich quick scheme. Just thank me later that you checked this out. This has got the monopolies worried.

New Technology Arrived July 2009

For years this technology has been kept under wraps while it was being developed. It's now ready. A cutting edge technology that delivers a whole new kind of mobile and wireless experience. An experience that is unlimited and not typical of what you would normally find in the wireless industry! Flat rate fee of $79.95 per month!

Features never seen until now. Services and plans that are unequaled in the industry… bar none!

No hidden fees or charges, No credit checks, No contracts! Unlimited everything including text, email, internet and long distance with service to 40 countries globally!

This technology has the capability of plugging to your cable to
allow you to choose movies, news or other TV.

Straight From Your Cell Phone!

We are seeking e-Associates interested in earning a Six Figure Income!

Become an e-Distributor with a Product / Technology that will revolutionize the Mobile Phone Industry, converting it to Broadband speeds of computers.

Low Investment -- High Returns -- Quick Payback

This is a “Smart Phone” on STEROIDS, soon to replace all the
iPhones – Blackberry’s – wanna-be’s out there.

After years of behind-the-scenes development, we’re
currently in early product launch.

July 1: Introduction to United States, & Puerto Rico
July - August (tbd): Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico
40 Countries Total over 12-18 months

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New Smart Phone Video!

This is What It’s All About:

• A mobile micro-computer which happens to transmit voice
• A new state-of-art software technology will become the
industry standard for Mobile Broadband
• A compensation plan targeted for Five – Six Figure
Monthly Incomes
• A Mobile Phone Provider who has structured distribution
through MLM Network Marketing to increase speed-to-market &
control costs.
• A dynamic Pre-launch environment, which allows new
distributors early positioning to business growth & early
profit, subject to periodic program refinement & upgrade
• Phoning Sydney, Australia, from Chicago is a “local

This is What It Means:

• Early involvement in an evolving market means strong
positioning to build upon, early sales & early profits
• Income continues through network leverage & residuals
• Bottom Line: Bigger Bottom Line

If You Want the Program Facts:
• $79.95 per month US / $89.95 International ----- bottom
line, total , out the door- includes taxes
• Unlimited Voice / Internet / email / Text / Roaming
• High Speed Access --- Voice travels at 21mHz Broadband
Data Speed; more than double current speeds
• No Contracts; Month-Month Service
• Commercially available phones, fitted with Proprietary

Enroll today as an e-Associate; let us train and mentor you
on how to earn substantial monthly incomes.

- Review the Opportunity!
- Imagine the Potential!
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- Start earning money tomorrow!

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New Smart Phone Video!

I invite you to join my team, the fastest growing team in the group!
For more info, there are opportunity calls three times every day for you to hear. Don’t miss out on this!

Calls are everyday at 12:00 pm EST, 4:00 pm EST, 10:30 pm
EST. You will hear from big money earners in this industry as
they describe the incredible earning potential of this

# 212-796-1700 PIN 2120 #

Go to the following website and watch a four minute video that could change your life forever. Thousands of ordinary people are going to realize financial dreams they never thought possible.

Why not be one of Us?

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New Smart Phone Video!

Take a serious look at what you could be earning with this new technology. It's a mind blowing game changer. You'll be joining a team that can get you where you want to go.

Please feel free to contact me anytime directly.

Wishing You All The Best,

Bill Whetstone
For Answers Call Bill: 205-908-1890

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Monday, June 15, 2009

21 Unbeatable Affiliate Profits Tips

The List of 21 Tips

Tip#1The biggest mistake many List Marketers make is.....
Tip#2Don't waste your main list.
Tip#3Are they reading your message?
Tip#4Want 43% more people to read your Emails?
Tip#5What's in it for you?
Tip#6Don't make the same mistake I did.
Tip#7The best way I know to get ideas.
Tip#8What you can learn from your competition?
Tip#9It's not a term paper, so relax already.
Tip#10The simplest way to get higher click-through rates.
Tip#11What do Politics and Entertainment have to do with you?
Tip#12Got Friends? This works like Crazy.
Tip#13Give Yourself a Raise.
Tip#14Here's where you are leaving money on the table.
Tip#15About your ads......
Tip#16Sometimes you have to Be Bossy!
Tip#17Why Should I Trust You?
Tip#18Get the Exclusive Interview.
Tip#19Here's another common mistake.
Tip#20Almost No one is using this Tactic.
Tip#21Don't waste your main list.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Greatest Deal In Internet Marketing History?

The Ultimate Online Business
Today Is The Big Day (Don't Delay)
The Greatest Deal In Internet Marketing History?
Affiliate Marketing Just Got A Lot Easier!


Today is the big day...

John Reese is opening the doors to

* And TAKE NOTE... this isn't one of those super expensive
marketing products. It's actually inexpensive and affordable
for almost ANYONE. (More on the price in a moment.)

By now you've probably been exposed to the massive
BUZZ that's been building around this site and it finally
opens today (Thursday, May 7th) at 3:00PM EST.

WHAT THE HECK IS OPPORTUNITY.COM? is being called, "The ultimate service
for the ultimate online business."

John Reese calls Affiliate Marketing the ultimate online
business for a number of reasons...

- Run Part-Time Or Full-Time
- Run From Anywhere
- No Inventory To Keep
- No Products To Ship
- No Payments To Collect
- No Customer Support
- No Recruiting

John has earned millions of dollars in affiliate
commissions and started to
help anyone start and grow an Affiliate Marketing
business. has a huge Training Center
with step-by-step tutorials and lesson materials
the help you succeed with Affiliate Marketing.

But is so much more than that...

- It has a massive Offer Directory that John's team
is constantly scouring the Internet to find new
and promising affiliate programs for.

- It has a Research Department to save you
hundreds of hours of your time and reports
back to you with the latest news on trends,
hot products, keyword activity, seasonal
opportunities, and much, much more.

- It has a special Alert System to notify you
when new opportunities are found that meet
specific criteria that you define.

- It has a "My Opportunities" function that helps
you manage the vast number of opportunities
that are all over the Internet.

- And much, much more! literally contains training
materials that rival some $2,000 marketing
courses, but if you act fast you can take advantage
of introductory pricing and get a full membership
of for only $39.95 a month, and
you cancel at anytime.

It's the ultimate NO BRAINER when it comes
to learning how to grow your online income.

Become a Charter Member of
today and take advantage of the special low price:

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hand-Scribbled Notes Reveal Affiliate Marketing Secrets

We've taken the "Affiliate Commission Engine" video down and have just replaced it
with a handwritten scanned report that John Reese wrote.  

Subject:  John Reese releases 'interesting' scribbled notes...
Subject:  Hand-Scribbled Notes Reveal Affiliate Marketing Secrets
Subject:  Try to decipher it...  it contains valuable info...

John Reese has just released a special hand-written report that
he created.  It's a series of notes he took during a massive
brainstorming session about generating income from
Affiliate Marketing.

This report reveals why Affiliate Marketing may be the ultimate
online business model and what 3 main challenges are that
you'll need to overcome to generate maximum income.

Download This New Report Here: