Monday, January 16, 2006

Video Google for Solopreneurs

Here is a really helpful article from Sherman Hu who authors many helpful wordpress tutorials. you can go direct to his site here:

5 Easy Steps To Publishing ALL Your Videos On The Internet,
Without Spending One Nickel On Server Or Bandwidth Expenses

The Problem: Bandwidth and server space can cost you in the hundreds if you're hosting all your videos on your own server.

Why Hasn't This Been Solved Yet: Up to recently, video hosting services or vodcast (video-on-demand) servcies have popped up all over the net to meet this demand. Some offer a monthly subscription, while some offer complimentary space but watermark your videos with their corporate logos - not the ideal solution for a solopreneur looking for a cost-effective (aka "free") solution, while not being branded with another company's logo.

What's Possible Today: Google Video (, recently launched in January 2006, offers users the ability "to browse listings of video by category from the store or search Google's entire collection of videos by simply entering keywords into the search box."

"Google Video will let you watch lots of high quality video on the web for the first time. You can search and browse, and we make it fast and easy for you to watch," said Larry Page, Google's co-founder and president, Products. "For video producers and anyone with a video camera, Google Video will give you a platform to publish to the entire Google audience in a fast, free and seamless way."

Solution: For solopreneurs who are looking for a platform to publish their videos on the net for free, without the hassles of dealing with bandwidth or server space issues, Google Video is an ideal solution. In addition, I'll reveal to you how you can leverage Google's expertise to 'host' your videos, while publishing the exact same videos (or even other publishers' videos) to your blog or website.

Here's the 5 Step Action Plan:

1. Go to

2. Perform a search for "" (as an example)

3. Locate the "Sharpen Your Saw 2006" Video (Title: 2006 New Years Video | Wordpress Tutorials"). Click on it.

4. On the right column, find and click on the link that reads: "Put on site".

5. Copy and paste the HTML code Google offers to embed the video onto your webpage or blog page. Publish it. View it.

6. Break out with joy!

Google Video Sample

Below is a sample video that I added on this blog by embedding the video code from Google Video:

Note: The video's clarity is not as clear as compared to when I publish on my own server, but it still looks good. Here's a sample…

Video Hosted On My Own Server:

Need the latest Flash player? Get it here.


1. Take advantage of Google's server space and bandwidth to showcase your videos or others, without paying a cent to hosting companies or video hosting services.

2. You can upload your own videos to Google Video, using Google Video as a video hosting service (that's free), and then showcasing the videos on your own site/blog.

3. Don't have to fuss with flash players as Google Video embeds the video to your site, including player controls.

If you'd like to comment below on how this article has helped you, you're welcome to. Thanks in advance for your comments. ;-)

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